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Default Push ... Up

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Donna, what seems to be your problem with push-ups? Is it the keeping your body straight (plank) or the upper body strength?
Arg! I wrote a long post on this and it disappeared when I hit preview! Take 2:

My problem with push-ups is that I'm:
  • Lacking upper body strength
  • A perfectionist
  • OCD (aka AR)
  • Over 50
I've been trying to do 20 Perfect Push-ups for at least 6 months, unofficially a year. My Honey can (still) do plenty of push-ups, even though he's a bit out of shape. The kind where you plank, touch nose to floor, and lift back up. But I haven't been able to do one, ever. Until last week. I did one! I was so proud of myself!

I can (now) hold a rail straight plank for minutes (where n mins depends on the day, time of day, etc...) I can now do pushups that get kinda close to the floor. I can even hold a plank within mms of the floor. But can't seem to do that and push back up. No arms. I've been trying all kinds of tricks, but the tricky part is just to keep trying. On the plus side, I'm (*) Very Stubborn.

Okay! I just tried again, and I did another one! I'm so excited! I can't do two though... Maybe by next year...

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