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I also buy Morning Star and Quorn products for my vegetarian daughter. I love Quorn products! They are the closest thing to the taste and texture of real meat that I have found.

I went out this morning and picked up a package of Hormel Natural Choice Honey Ham to try. It was on sale for $3 for an 8 oz package. $6 for a lb of meat is kind of expensive for me, but then when I think about it, when I buy meat from the deli I always end up throwing some of it away because it goes bad by the end of the week before we eat it all. This way at least I won't be having any waste. And, this is definitely better than the price of cancer, right? I tried a piece, and it was really good! It tastes like actual real ham! I think I'm hooked. Can't wait to try the turkey. Also, I'm going to look for it at WalMart to see if it's any better priced there.

Thanks for the tip on the Hormel Natural Choice! Loving it!
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