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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
All the carb business aside (and the foods that poison, etc.), what is worth repeating over and over is: 'any diet will work short-term.' Wow! If people really realized that, they wouldn't argue about any food or any diet - ever! They would just shut up and diet. And if some food made them feel ill, for whatever reason having to do with their own individual health profile and tastes and genetic makeup, they'd simply change diets. Because ANY diet works short-term. ANY!

Just think, all those people who ate tons of fruit and the weight came off (Beverly Hills Diet) would be just fine with their diet philosophy. Because it worked for them. If it didn't work for them, then they would try something else. The 'Super Cleanse' diet (maple syrup, cayenne, water, etc.) might work just fine. Or the Cabbage Soup diet. Or the SlimFast diet, or the 'chew each mouthful twenty times' diet (The Fletcher diet).

Working out something you can live with long term is the challenge. ANY diet works short-term. What can get you through Christmas, New Years, baby showers, periods of stress and depression, more than you can imagine at the moment, and wonderful vacations in Paradise-like locations with gorgeous food and sun - you have to work out that all those things constitute the life you're going to live. Life is a whole lot more complicated and what you eat is a decision you will make two or three times a day (or more, depending on the circumstances). Whatever you decide is your strategy for KEEPING the weight off (not losing it - although that's where the emphasis usually goes in diet discussions). 'Keeping it off' is the hardest thing you will do.
I completely agree with you, but just to add a little, any diet will work short term, but will you be healthy if you followed THAT diet long-term?? So, the art is to find a diet you can stick with AND be healthy.

As for arguments, sometimes I just cant be bothered to enter the arena. But it was heartening to me to find out that a friend of mine (who took a dim view of me following Atkins in 2003), is now Low Carbing. She said she is now annoyed that she swallowed the false information from her diet clubs for so many years and realises that what I was saying, SO long ago, is sound. Woop-woop!!!

I still have great faith in Atkins and return to it regularly. Its not his fault I keep going astray, its mine, the flesh is weak (and plump).
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