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Lots of Water: Y, Y
Focus on Whole Foods: Mostly, Mostly
Vitamin Daily: N, Y
Exercise Daily: Stretching, Yoga

Lifestyle Goals:
Quit stressing: Sorta, Doing pretty good
Quit making excuses not to exercise: N, N
Start getting up earlier: N, Y (set the coffee maker to go off at 6 so the beeping is my new alarm clock),
Decorate something: N, N
Daily Theme: M- Mild Mannered Monday (aka no freaking out!), Tu - Order a Turkey Day - DONE ordered a 20lber to feed 9 plus have leftovers.

I found a new evil nemisis... Girl Scouts - okay, not the scouts themselves, but the tins of chocolate covered toffee almonds they are peddling. And the mint chocolate penguins that are truly irresistible. I did manage to pack the caramel treasures into a care package for Granny and ship them out the door yesterday - Whew. I could have done some damage to those in no time flat!

Hope ya'll have had a great day!

Welcome to the thread gwheelock915! I'm looking forward to seeing your goals!

5'6", 40yo
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