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Originally Posted by missmaggieelizabeth View Post
Way to go Desertmountain. Whatever works. I am also trying not to get discouraged when I am not loosing. Take a tape measure out right now and get your measurements. Write it down on fit day under body. Then do it again in a few weeks. I found I lost lots of inches and no weight for quite awhile. Seems the bulk of me switched places. Clothes I could not get into I could wear again even when I had only lost a couple of pounds. I try to stay away from the scale. Hard to do some times. Just put it in a hard place to get to and you might loose your desire to use it. Heheheh

Thanks for the reminder to do body measurements, for some reason I'd been putting it off for the past month so when I read your post I did my measurements. Yes! *arm pump The biggest change was losing 4 inches in my hips this month!! I knew I was losing more on the bottom than the top when I went clothes shopping last week, but I had no idea I'd shed that many inches.

That's so funny about putting the scale some place hard to reach to lose the desire to use it. I don't think it'd work for me, after a few days I'd start wondering about the numbers & then start fixating on it. LOL I agree with you though. It's hard not to weigh myself every morning & super hard not to get discouraged when it's not moving or moving in the wrong direction. The one good thing about being addicted to the scale and using Fitday (religiously logging every bite) is that I've discovered a lot of foods that consistently cause stalls or weight gain and avoiding them gives me better weight loss. So maybe it's not all that bad to weigh ourselves often. Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Just so long as I remember, like you pointed out, that our progress isn't just measured with a scale. thanks again for the reminder to measure! What a great surprise that was. Have a wonderful weekend MissMaggieElizabeth
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