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I've been doing this every day since I last posted, although I usually take one day off per week as a much needed rest day since I also bike daily. I'm still on level 1, but will probably be progressing to level 2 pretty soon. I've noticed a remarkable increase in my strength, I'm able to do more advanced versions of most of the exercises and my push-ups, albeit girl push-ups, are progressing well. The push-ups are really the only thing that I have a lot of trouble with since I've never had that much upper body strength, but they've been improving... so I'm very pleased!

I've also had really nice support since my boyfriend does this DVD with me as well, although I kind of crack up when Jillian says things like "if you got it flaunt it, ladies, there's no shame!" My boyfriend's pretty awesome for keeping me motivated.

I'd love to hear updates from others on how you're progressing!
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