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Default Day 15, down 4/10 of a pound

Well I did not post yesterday because there was no change in my weight and I was a little discouraged. I wanted something warm to "eat" and so I've been having some vegetable broth which I discovered last night has quite a bit of sodium in it which is probably why I gained a little water weight.

Today I am down that 4/10 of a pound but still up from the other day. Today's weigh in: 173 (I REALLY wanted to be at 169 by today!) It's my own fault for having the broth ...

I also decided that I am probably having too much fruit which may be why I am not losing a little faster. I am having around 3 bananas a day plus apples, pears, mangos, etc. Probably too much sugar, so beginning today I am going to cut down on the fruits and only put berries in my smoothies in addition to the veggies, to see if that makes a difference in my weight loss. I know I should be happy with a 7 lb. weight loss in 14 days, that's 1/5 pound a day for goodness sakes! BUT I just can't stand being so heavy! I hated myself at 163 a year ago and was desperate to lose weight then, now here I am 10 lbs. heavier! UGH!

Hi Lala and UKSue, so happy to meet you on this thread and very glad to hear you are joining me on this journey! You may have read that I started with a Ninja and switched to the NutriBullet and am MUCH happier with my smoothies! The NutriBullet, is faster, quieter, and makes the smoothies much SMOOTHER! They are the same price at my Target (less than $100), so if you have the option - get the NutriBullet, you won't be sorry! Please post your progress right here on this thread for me and everyone else to follow. By the HUGE number of people viewing this thread I know everyone else would love to follow your progress along with mine.
Also, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE logging on and seeing that someone else has posted a message, it's exciting to know other people are out there and care enough to post and even better - to join me!

I still feel great and am going to hit the trails in about 10 minutes. By the way, despite what the FitDay timer says, it is 8:29 a.m., California time as I post this message, not 4:29 p.m..

Good luck and have a great day!

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