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Hey Lisa! In regards to meats, I also try to avoid nitrates and nitrites, since word on the street is they're carcinogenic. I've switched to Hormel, which does not contain said chemicals - I'm a particular fan of the smoked turkey. It's 60 calories/3 slices, so I think it's a pretty good option.

I look at saturated fats, mostly because I really like my half and half in my coffee, and I'm picky about fat free (like, what is fat free half and half even? certainly not cream...) Anyway, because I tend to load up on sat fats there, I try to keep it down in other places.

Additionally, like Cassie said, I try to limit fake sugars, sort of. I'm have Type I diabetes, so it's a balancing act sometimes, trying to not get too much real sugar while limiting fake stuff. So, I allow myself a diet coke every now and then. However, when it comes to things like jelly, there's a really good low-sugar option (I think it's Smuckers?) So, instead of getting the sugar-free, which is made with aspartame (I think), I get the reduced sugar stuff, which is still pretty low calorie and carb for jelly, but still no fake stuff.

Overall, I'm generally of the opinion that the fewer ingredients in the list, the better. I'm not really hardcore about it, but if there are options, that's what I go for.

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