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Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome! So cool to hear about everyone's goals and progress! You guys rock!

Here are my stats for yesterday:

1. NO REFINED SUGAR (eating foods containing natural sugar, such as fruit, is OK)
2. Go to the gym for an hour at least once a day (but preferably go twice)

Goal #1 - Monday: YES (yay!)

Goal #2 - Monday:YES

I know I am slacking a bit by keeping it so simple, but I am just DETERMINED to get refined sugar out of my diet forever. I gave up caffeine and aspartame on a whim about three years ago and it took until just a few months ago for me to give them up for good (I would sometimes go through "Diet Pepsi Relapse", lol!). Now the thought of drinking one just doesn't interest me. I am hoping the same will happen for sugar someday!

Also yesterday I technically went to the gym of the outdoors, lol -- it was SO nice outside, that I ended up going on an impromptu five-mile walk, which I am counting as my gym time. Today it is cold and rainy, so back inside for me lol!

Good luck this week everyone on your goals!
Height: 5'6.75"
Goal 1: under 140 (want to see those 130s again! )
Goal 2: 138.4 (my former "maintaining" weight)
Goal 3: 137.8 (exactly halfway in the healthy BMI indiex for my height)

Weight as of...
11/12/12: 144.6
11/19/12: 142.8
11/29/12: 141.6

No more caffeine or aspartame, yay! <3

No refined sugar (with a few minor slip-ups here and there ;D) since ... 11/11/12 D:
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