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1. Target <1600 calories/day.
2. Walk the park or big block 4x with Sara this week.
3. Take meds 2x/day.
oops, forgot p.m.
4. Log everything.
5. Plan ahead this week a few healthier (or at least less bad) items to have next week during Thanksgiving.
working on it (see below).
6. Start reading labels and learning more about cleaner food choices.
tried, but felt a little lost.

Sara and I went and walked the path around the park yesterday. I was right. It was almost exactly 1 mile. It only took 20 minutes, and I'm already thinking we should try 2x around. I know, crazy, huh? lol I've always hated walking, but starting out this time they've been so nice and pleasant. Yea! Maybe I'll keep it up a little longer this time. There is more than one path...maybe we'll explore the longer path one of these days.

I went yesterday morning early and got a large portion of my Thanksgiving dinner shopping done. I feel ahead of the game this year. When I was talking to my nutritionist on Saturday I told her to try to help myself not get out of control I was going to make some "healthier" options and make a plan of attack so I don't go crazy insane on the food. We are having 8 people for dinner, and I bought 3 small pies. So 1 small slice of each per person. And 8 slices on those little pies are pretty dang small.

I traditionally do A LOT of baking at the holidays, and chocolate chip cookies are my kids' favorite thing I bake. This year I'm going to try a "healthier" recipe by adding oats, replacing most of the sugar with Stevia, maybe adding some whole wheat flour mixed in with the white flour, and replacing most of the butter with unsweetened applesauce. That's going to be my only baking. Except I've been really craving a mock baklava, so I don't know. It's just 137 calories/slice, but that's a big IF I only have one. Maybe I'll make the baklava on Sunday with some leftover turkey sandwiches. But then the baklava wasn't the kids' favorite, so I'll eat a lot of it myself. Maybe I should save that for Christmas when I can take it to the big gathering and share with lots of people. Ok, talking myself out of making that this time. Thanks for listening to my ramble and talk myself through a food trap of a holiday.
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