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Lots of Water:
Focus on Whole Foods:
Vitamin Daily:
Exercise Daily:

Lifestyle Goals:
Quit stressing:
Quit making excuses not to exercise:
Start getting up earlier:
Decorate something:
Daily Theme: M- Mild Mannered Monday (aka no freaking out!),

DH and I spent all day Saturday painting the master bedroom and bath. It went from swampy green (previous owners must have been color-blind) to a beautiful light colonial blue. Ahhh… It is Monday am and I still have not recovered – my hands still hurt and my neck has a big kink in it… ibuprofen.

Tori – Love the themes! I think I’ll try to do some also, and post in the morning the theme of my day.

Lisa – The label says “Natural Choice” across the front. I used to only be able to get it at specialty stores, but now can get it at big box groceries like Winco! Good luck!

Cassie – I got into researching decaf when I was pregnant, but really prefer the full leaded version as well. Thanks for sending the weblink to food facts – I spent at least an hour on there yesterday looking up the food in my cupboard to see how they rate. If I had a smart phone I would probably spend hours in the grocery looking up each product before putting it in the cart. I love how in the program you can click on red flagged ingredients to get a description of each. Thanks again!

Joanna – Yay another scientist on the thread! I have a minor in physics and DH in astrophysics – we are big time stargazers. Maybe you have figured out where my handle comes from? Good luck with your proposal and with your goals for this week!

Hope – Great work losing the 4 lbs! I like your goals this week!

Jenn – I loved that you posted your picture last week. So nice to put a face with the name! Nice simple goals this week!

Meachan – Welcome to the thread!

Happy Monday - Ama
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