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Hi everyone! I'd love to join in if that's OK!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, and it was such a lovely day -- a trip to the symphony and a lovely dinner with friends! Knowing my favorite food is chocolate, a number of friends as well as my boyfriend were very sweet (pun intended!) and bought me some of my favorite chocolate-themed treats.

However, on a whim, and mostly to be silly, I said to them "You know, I don't eat sugar anymore...that was something I did when I was 29!" Everyone laughed, as I have been trying to give up sugar for the past three YEARS and it never lasts. However, magically, yesterday I actually WAS able to resist refined sugar all day!!

So I only have two goals this week and they are VERY simple/basic, mostly because detoxing from refined sugar makes me a sad sad puppy D:

1. NO REFINED SUGAR (eating foods containing natural sugar, such as fruit, is OK)
2. Go to the gym for an hour at least once a day (but preferably go twice)

My weight is slightly higher than it's been all year (was holding pretty steady at 141, now i am closer to 144), so I am hoping this helps me!

Good luck everyone with your goals this week, love all of the support and encouragement in this place!
Height: 5'6.75"
Goal 1: under 140 (want to see those 130s again! )
Goal 2: 138.4 (my former "maintaining" weight)
Goal 3: 137.8 (exactly halfway in the healthy BMI indiex for my height)

Weight as of...
11/12/12: 144.6
11/19/12: 142.8
11/29/12: 141.6

No more caffeine or aspartame, yay! <3

No refined sugar (with a few minor slip-ups here and there ;D) since ... 11/11/12 D:
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