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Target <1600 calories.
1. 1750. going the wrong way-1805. getting further from goal. 1513 I did it! Holy cow...1000!!! Yea...1540! So far off I'm too embarrassed to even write it down.
2. Take meds 2x day.
yes. yes. yes. 5 hours late tonight, but yes. only a.m. yes. only a.m.
3. Do some sort of exercise 3x this week with Sara for at least 20 minutes each time.
no. no. no yes, but not with Sara. A BIG YES (read below)!
4. Log everything everyday.
yes. yes. yep. yes. yes. yes. no.

Cassie, to answer your question about the nutritionist, she said first and foremost that I need to get her active everyday. She's not that overweight and she doesn't want me to be restricting her calories. The emphasis should be on eating "colorfully" and teaching her to make decisions, not forbidding anything. For example, give her the choice of 1 serving of Oreo's or 1 serving of caramel rice cakes, but keep it to one serving. Some days she may really want those 2 oreo's, but other days she will choose the healthier rice cakes. The idea is that if I "forbid" her from eating something (which I would never do anyways) then she would rebel and eat more, and she needs to really practice knowing what 1 serving really is and sticking to that. Finally, I am supposed to be a good role model for her, and teach her by doing these things myself. Thanks for asking.

Hope, it looks like you did really good this week!

Jenn, glad to hear the glucose readings leveled out. My lowest was a 96 once, but it got back to normal later in the day after a good meal, so I couldn't offer any experience or knowledge on that for you.

Ama, I am going to have to be a more avid label reader like you, too. I'm going to start being more watchful and make that a goal to help remind myself. What kind of Hormel lunch meat does not have nitrates or nitrites? I like Hormel and either buy that or Jennie O from the deli.

I had a HUGE accomplishment tonight! When I first started this journey I decided I was going to get out there and walk. I could not walk 5 minutes without my shins and calves being in so much pain that I had to stop. I would be really winded, too. I would force myself to walk 2x around the little block, which only took about 8 minutes. But I stopped shortly after starting because it just hurt toooooo much.

Tonight I went for a walk with Sara. I decided to go around the BIG block so I couldn't give up and stop after only 8 minutes. I walked a normal/brisk pace the entire way, didn't stop, didn't get winded and didn't have ANY pain in my legs!!! I walked for 30 minutes. After I got home I wanted to know the distance, so I drove it and it was 1.2 miles!!!! omg I'm in such shock and so happy with myself! It was pleasant, and Sara and I had a good time together. So now, that walk around the park is something I'm looking forward to, now that I know I'll be able to do it. I'm looking forward to getting out in the sunshine, spending more time with Sara, and I think I'm going to take my camera, too.

Oh, and the other good part about tonight is that I put on a jacket that I hadn't worn since about March. It was getting pretty tight back then. I put it on tonight and it was LOOSE!!! Wow, did that ever feel good!

Today I not only went off track, there was no track. lol. I ate cheez-its, french toast and bacon with syrup and butter. I ate A LOT of cheez-its. and A LOT of french toast. Tomorrow is another day.
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