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Just finished homemade, they are sinful. Not a health food, but at least the ingredients are all natural and I snuck wheat flour into the crusts . They are time consuming enough that I won't do it on a regular basis, but worth it for a treat!

I made brown sugar cinnamon per the recipe but I can see using crushed fruit in the summer.

I also used something I just discovered in the store (it has probably been around forever; I'm just not real alert sometimes)...Land O' Lakes makes sticks of butter mixed with olive oil.

I have gone back and forth for years on the butter versus margarine thing. I hate that the butter is just saturated fat (though even that doesn't seem to have as bad a rap as it used to), but I hate the laundry list of ingredients in margarine. This seems like it splits the difference, so the only drawback is that it's not reduced calorie. Oh well, can't have everything, I guess! It bakes well and tastes fine (and it was $1.99 lb this past week on sale ).

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