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Jenn- thanks for posting your photo! That color is perfect for you!

Cassie- the little roasts have dark meat too! The dark meat is laid across the underside of the breast and then tied together. the brand is Honeysuckle white, i'd post a link to the product but I don't think it is allowed. They have one that is all breast meat too, but I buy the combo one. And it isn't "chewed up and put back together" it's made like they make a boneless pork loin.

Lisa- that mile walk may look daunting, but you can do it. You can stop and rest, you don't have to hoof it, just walk it. Stroll! Make it fun with you and your baby girl, talk, laugh, hold hands, giggle. Stop and turn over a rock and look for bugs, whatever! Today it might seem long, 10 times from now it won't seem that long at all! I felt that way about my walks when I started out, and even still someday's its all I can do to get those shoes on and go, but I always feel better afterwards.
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