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1. Aim for 1600 calories/day.
close-1750. going the wrong way-1805. getting further from goal. 1513 I did it! Holy cow...1000!!!
2. Take meds 2x day.
yes. yes. yes. 5 hours late tonight, but yes. only a.m.
3. Do some sort of exercise 3x this week with Sara for at least 20 minutes each time.
no. no. no
4. Log everything everyday.
yes. yes. yep. yes. yes.

Not that I want to do 1000 every day, but wow for me! I did it without even being hungry, and it sure does make up for at least one or two days when I went over my goal. Not doing so hot with that exercise thing.

Past couple of weeks the weekends have been absolutely horrible for me and I pretty much blow my whole week of effort on these two days. Going to try super hard to get through the next 48 hours while staying at least close to on track.

On the happy side, I've re-lost 5.6 lbs of my "off-track gain" in the past 3 weeks, so half way to getting to where I was.

Have a happy day everyone!
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