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Ama- let me hunt down my bread recipe for you. Its a good one for sandwiches.
Lisa- that 3 p.m. weigh in that i sometimes do, as well, is always an "OH MY" time. Usually I am much lighter than the first thing in the morning weigh in, and it motivates me to continue to eat well the rest of the day.
Hope-I am praying for miraculous healing for you. Why not! Let's just pray that this horrible debilitating disease becomes healed. And thanks for the compliment on the mindful eating, that is my hardest thing to do, eat and be aware, not just shovel it in.
Cassie- a man who cooks is a gift. Lucky lady!

My week is going really well, despite the curves, I am coming out all right.
1. Ingest 64 oz water minimum.M,W, Th,
2. Log food.M,W, TH, F
3. Slow down and be mindful when eating.M!T,W, Th, F
4. Walk dogs M-T-W-Th- (then walk dog F, S, Sun) (one dog is going duck hunting f-sun)M!T,Th, F,

I need to concentrate on my water intake, that should be the easiest thing. Why do I make it so difficult?
Weight loss of 52 pounds
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