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Cassie, what a great idea about slicing up turkey. At least you know there aren't any preservatives and no salt.
Before I was told by my Dr that I had to cut back on salt I never read the labels. It's amazing how much salt is in EVERYTHING that we buy. A plain Harvey's hamburger has 980mg of sodium--half of an average person's daily total.

I'm hoping this site will help with motivation. I put a book on hold at the library and since my Mom was going anyways I thought she could pick it up for me. She says "it's not another cookbook, is it??". It's written by a nutrionist on how what we eat affects our bodies. It's free so what have I got to lose? It's very hard feeling like I'm up against a brick wall. I'm doing this because I want to be healthy but it's also because my Dr's told me. I have friends that believe in me but I have to believe in myself.

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