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Default Day 11, no change

So no change in my weight to day, but I have to say I feel like I am looking better.

I had lunch with a friend today and as I was getting ready, I noticed that I just looked better. My hair is a little more glossy, my skin is healthier looking. The puffiness around my eyes is pretty much gone and my cheeks and mouth area look - well better. Not that I had jowls or saggy skin or anything but I just looked - haggered. Today when I was putting on my makeup I began to see some of that old self coming back. I know I've only lost like 7 lbs. so far but I can't help but notice I look better already. Also, I noticed my tops are fitting better - my waistline looks smoother. I know I have a loooooong way to go but at least I'm finally heading in the right direction.

So today I met a friend for lunch and in the back of my mind I was thinking I was going to blow it and eat something I shouldn't and then spiral downward into that whole, "well I already had this, so I might as well have some of that..."

Well happily that didn't happen. We went to a buffet and I had a smallish salad, skipped the croutons and fatty salad dressings and when we went to get some soup, nothing looked good. Even the breads and pasta dishes didn't look appetizing. I got a small bowl of clam chowder and some cornbread but took one bite of the soup and pushed it away. I didn't even touch the cornbread which is a huge surprise because I am usually a BIG carb-craver and pig out on stuff like corn bread.

So a small victory for me. I didn't cave-in. Wasn't even tempted to eat anything other than veggies. None of the desserts were tempting. Not even the cookies or brownies. Whew!

I will say tho' that now that I have some food in my tummy, even just veggies from the salad, I'm hungry and want more. I will stick with the GSs tho' and not start eating again because I know I'm not ready. Not anywhere NEAR ready. It's way too soon and I know that if I start eating now I will fall right back into my old eating habits.

I need about another two months of GSs to get the bulk of this weight off and get rid of my cravings. It's working and I feel good so I'm just going to keep on keepin' on.

Because, even tho' my body didn't want any of that stuff today, my mind did. All morning I was thinking about how I would probably blow it and have to start all over on Monday - see I was even setting myself up for an entire weekend of over-indulging just based on a simple lunch date with an old friend. That's just not normal.

Thankfully, my subconscious won the battle today, but the scale will probably not move down in the morning. That's alright. It will keep going down, if not tomorrow then the next day and again the next.

Wow, anyone reading this probably thinks I'm a loon! Hopefully, anyone reading this can relate to what I went through today and will maybe decide that there just might be something to these GS's afterall. I can't deny they are working for me. I did not blow it today. Yay me!
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