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Welcome, Twinkle. I tend to talk A LOT, and your post was not very long. Taking the stairs is a good goal!

Wow, Cassie and Ama! Your posts are concerning me about what I'm feeding my family. I don't know what BHT's and GMO's are, but they don't sound good. (genetically modified something or other?) I really commend you on doing so much with natural foods.

Sara wrote me a little email this morning about how we have so much junk food in our house, and other snacks have to be cooked or prepared, and it's hard for her to make good choices with the LACK of choices she has. So I was on a quest today to find some snack treats that aren't too horrible. We discovered flavored rice cakes (she is loving the caramel), and we got pretzels and dipped them in a little bit of melted chocolate just on one edge. We've discussed what "a serving" is of these snacks so she's going to count and measure. But now I'm thinking I need to go read the labels and see what kind of bad stuff is in there.

Oh, well now that I'm looking at the label for the rice cakes, it doesn't look too terrible...rice flour, salt, sugar, corn, natural apple & cinnamon flavors, cinnamon, sunflower, safflower and/or canola oil and soy lecithin. It's more than a handful of ingredients, but at least I can pronounce them all, right?

I'd like to get educated more on what you guys are talking about, but I need beginner basics. I'm a stay at home mom, so I should be able to do more home made whole foods and things time-wise. I'm just concerned about the costs. I get $200/wk to buy groceries and gas. I spend $165-$175 on groceries, and it doesn't even seem like I get that much. That only leaves me a few $$$ for gas, and I am the kid taxi in our house. Point being, my budget is tight. Or I just need to learn to do things differently. I have cut out quite a lot of packaged products, but I admit I do still buy lunch meat from the deli. What are other options? I should learn to do things like mix up my own waffle mix instead of buying Bisquick and stuff like that.

Any information, ideas, etc. for a beginner?
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