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Originally Posted by JulieGentry View Post
I have a naturally thin husband, too. The "personal life" is better when there's a little more meat on the bones, and I've told him that (nicely and with appropriate timing). I try to keep ice cream in the house; in flavors that he likes and aren't really my favorites.
I love that!!! My husband is naturally thin as well. He had been on prednisone for RA, and he was always thin even while taking that, I thought, other than the puffy face, and then the doctor told him to go off the prednisone and he dropped like 35 pounds in a month or two and now he is in the lower 160s (6'0 tall) and I am now back in the lower 240s (5'7" tall). I feel like a total cow next to him.

But really I thought what you said about the "personal" life was cute, as I totally agree.
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