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Originally Posted by jenmyra View Post
I cut up apple slices, put them in a ziplock bag with come cinnamon, shake it up and refrigerate overnight for my son's lunch. They only look brown from the cinnamon and they taste delish! I take them in my lunch too! Crackers or baby carrots and hummus, baked tortillas and salsa, homemade healthy muffins, homemade granola bars, cucumber slices, hard boiled eggs..these are some things my son will eat.
You have some really good ideas here. How much cinnamon do you use for how much of an apple? whole? Half? I bet it would taste good, too, with cinnamon mixed with Stevia. I forgot, she does love cucumbers, too. Eggs are a good idea also. We made home made granola bars about a week ago, and they were sinfully delicious. They didn't make it until the next day's lunch. lol They were gone that night. Maybe will have to make those again, but keep them for her lunch. Great ideas! Thanks!
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