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Default Day 10, down another 1.5 lbs!

Such a FACE! Lucy is such a cutie! How old is she? She looks like she's almost 2. My boys are black labs and are beyond excited right now because they're going pheasant hunting tomorrow! They've been watching my husband load the motor home and putz with his shot guns and ammo and they just know they're going hunting!

Well, I'm happy to say I am down another 1.5 lbs. Official weigh-in: 173.5
I got frustrated today because I realize how far I've got to go. I've been putting this off for FAR too long! SIGH. I'll be on this fast/cleanse until Christmas at least!

But at least I'll be lookin' good for the Christmas parties!!!
That's a promise I am making to myself here and now!

This time I will not let my success scare me off!

I will not stop dieting as soon as someone notices I am losing weight. Why do I do that?!

THIS TIME, I will embrace my success!

I will gain strength from my success!

I will NOT give myself a break!

I will NOT cheat when no one else is looking!

I WILL succeed! Once and for all!

(WOW! Where did that come from?)
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