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Default Need some quick ideas for a kid

Hi, everyone. My young daughter is now adopting a healthy eating lifestyle, and I need some ideas on healthy items that are easily packed into a lunch box that won't spoil, turn brown, etc. (that would be very unappealing to a kid). She likes fruits, but grapes and oranges (our usual) are not in season and becoming very expensive. Apples turn brown, so she wouldn't eat those. And I did put some lemon juice on them once, but then they became sour. (Do they still make "fruit fresh" to keep fruits from spoiling? Where would you find that in a store?) She doesn't like cheese sticks. I've been packing celery and peanut butter, and she seems to like that. I've also been packing popcorn instead of chips. Given the types of things she has been eating, can you think of other good ideas that may appeal to her that won't cost an arm and a leg? She is usually short on her fruits/vegetables, but my brain is drawing a blank as I'm sitting here trying to write my grocery list.

And while we're here, I also need some after school and bedtime snack ideas that are both healthy and filling but still seem something like a treat. Any help and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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