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Originally Posted by LoserLaurie View Post
So the GOOD news is that I am getting married in March to my highschool sweetheart We were engaged when we were 18 and things did not work out. 33 years later we found each other again and we are getting married I will actually have my original engagement/wedding band, which I think is SO special

PROBLEM . . . I have 20 lbs to lose before I have to go look for my dress. I have a good idea what I am looking for as far as a dress and I HAVE to get this extra 20 lbs off in order for it to fit.

I am looking for a diet buddy to help me, any takers??


Awww, what a great story.

Why don't you join the 10 to 15lb thread? We don'r really care how much weight you have to lose - it's all about getting to the finish line.
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