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Originally Posted by missmaggieelizabeth View Post
I look at it a little different. If I over eat one day I just try not to eat as much the next and the two days together even out. I am not dieting. That = depriving myself. I am eating until I am comfortable. Course I only put so much on my plate with my eye on trying to eat what is good for me. The only thing I am totally avoiding is cookies cakes sweets. If I even eat one bite I am sunk and the cravings start in and it only makes it hard for me.

Some one here told me about switching the calories up. More one day less another day and so on. Over all for a week is same amount just I get to splurge one day but not every day. Seems to be working. I am only down 15 pounds in 8 months+ but it is staying off even when we had burgers and fries one day at greasy spoon. Gasp and not one lick of guilt for doing it either. We have to enjoy life too and not just be consumed by a diet.

For me I need to get out and exercise more. Walking more. Now the weather is better and my leg is healed I will be doing more of that.

Wow Maggie - you wrote exactly what I've been doing. I just started purposely eating more a couple of days a week and less on other days all averaging my target of 1200 per day per week. It seems to make me loose weight faster. I also treat myself but stay within my weekly calorie limit & HAVE to avoid certain foods or else I gain, stall & crave more (cookies, cake, pastries---drool). I've been ramping up my exercise slow & easy this time to avoid re-injuring the injuries I've gotten from doing high intensity workouts. Like you, I know I need to do more exercise and know that could do more - but am really taking my time about increasing my exercise. Not just being safe about it either - I'm basically a couch tater learning how to be a non-vegetable.
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