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Originally Posted by fayelayne View Post
Been following a lower-carb lifestyle for awhile but need to get VERY low-carb for health reasons. Also need to lose about 35 lbs and that's not easy when you're over 50. Recently discovered primal blueprint and it sounds closest to my desired diet for type O. Problem is I'm on a very tight budget and have lots of food allergies. Any tips?

Hi Fayelayne,
I started a long response yesterday and got kicked out of FD . It happens.

The gist of my comment is that when people think paleo they often think that you have to replace all your carbs with meat or protein. Really the idea is keep protein levels moderate, keep fat moderate, and get lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Some paleo-types forbid tofu and other soy products because, afterall, soybeans are legumes. I don't tend to be quite so strict - its a good, inexpensive, protein source. I tend to rely on eggs, chicken & fish. Canned tuna and hard boiled eggs are staples in my lunch box. I'll use tofu in stir fries to up the protein content, and although dairy is also something paleo-ites keep to a minimum, I do rely on cottage cheese, goat cheese and occassional hard cheeses for both protien and fats.

Finally, I try to make 1/2 of my plate veggies. Both lunches and dinners are often a big old salads with fish, chicken, or ever beef on top. I have really gotten into stir fried greens recently, which are cheap in-season. Oh and did I mention bacon? My grocery sells "ends and pieces" for a fraction of the cost of regular bacon - great for adding to salads, scrambled eggs, or cooked veggies.

I hope that helps a bit. Since carbohydrate rich foods tend to be cheap foods, getting started on a low carb/paleo diet can seem a little daunting to the pocket book. But some planning and experience will go a long way to making it all affordable. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask more questions.
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