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Default Day 9

Hey there!

Forgot to weigh-in this morning so I'll just say no change.

I love, Love, LOVE my new NutriBullet! It is quieter, WAAAAAY faster, and the smoothies are WAAAAAAAYYYYY SMOOOTHER! surprising that a smaller motor and fewer blades could do a superior job but the NutriBullet blows the Ninja Pro outta the water! I HIGHLY recommend it if anyone is in the market for a smoothie blender and you don't know which to buy. I found the NutriBullet at Target for around $90.

I am not following any recipes nor writing down my own, thanks for asking, Mike. The only down-side to the NutriBullet is that the container is smaller. I'm using the large and have to blend half way thru stuffing it so I can make room for more stuff!

My smoothies are usually spinach and kale as a base. Along with some water, ice, and then fruit (pear, banana, berries, mango, apple - whatever I grab). sometimes I toss in a celery stalk or two but they usually make the smoothie taste grassy. The NutriBullet came with a cool pocket nutritionist pamphlet that lists the foods and what they can do for our bodies so that makes making the smoothies a little more interesting.

FYI: Kale contains carotenoids and flavanoids for bladder, colon, prostate cancer, etc. Spinach is blood pressure reducing and bone building. Blueberries are anti-inflamatory and contain wide range of micronutrients, cantaloupes promote lung and vision health ... cool huh?

EP, can you believe I have TWO labs?! I feel for ya! They have sooooo much energy!
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