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Well, crud!!! I composed and thought I posted a long post. I must have hit the Prevciew Post button instead of the Submit Reply button.

Quickly then from memory:

Welcome, arcy!

Didn't log yesterday but resisted doughnuts calling my name all day. However, to avoid those, I ate too much sugar free chocolate, so probably went over in sat fat. Calories, carbs, cholesterol would have been ok.

Special kudos to April for your exercise Lisa for your hard work.

Mike, yup, the reference to parishes was for you. I was reminded not everyone goes by counties when I heard a reference to the boroughs of New York on TV.

Hugs of encouragement to everyone else.

Today's menu:

BreaKfast this morning was leftover mashed broccoli with cheese into which I beat the equivalent of two eggs (zero cholesterol egg substitute) and soft-scrambled them. Came out like a stiffer souffle, but was delicious. I'd make it deliberately like that again.

Lunch will be a roast beef wrap with fresh spinach.

Dinner will be lean pork, tossed salad and a low carb green veggie.

Other small meals will be protein shakes with celery and peanut butter or celery and chicken salad.
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