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Wink Day 8

WOO HOOQ! 328 VIEWS! I would LOVE to hear from some of you following this thread. Input, encouragement, comments, questions, whatever - I'd love to hear from ya! not that you're not wonderfully interesting EP, I would just like to hear from more. Your salad sounds yummy - I saw some sugar free, oil free, gluten free, and everything else free salad dressing at Sprouts today that I will buy some day when I decide to eat again. Have you read Eat to Live, by Dr. Fuhrman? That book and his vids on youtube are my inspiration.

Well I have a new scale so today's official NEW weight is 175. That's down 5 lbs. in a week, which is OKAY by me! At this rate, if it keeps steady, I can look forward to a 20 lb. per month loss. I'm still eating one or two snacks per day of just plain fruit - primarily berries and/or a banana in addition to my 3 or 4 GS's a day. I have NO CRAVINGS! and I'm not hungry at all! AMAZING!!!

Not feeling as wonderful as yesterday. Back aches BAD today and I am peeing every 10 minutes. Just couldn't bring myself to hit the trails this morning but I will try to go tonight while my family is eating my AWESOME chili, which I probably won't be able to resist otherwise!

Also very sleepy and since I'm off today and my errands are done I'm seriously thinking about taking a nap! Went to bed at 8:30 last night but tossed and turned a lot for some reason - didn't feel like I actually fell into a deep sleep. My legs were achy ...

Had to return the Ninja Pro today because it began to smell like something was burning inside (plastic? rubber?) after only a week. I traded it for the NutriBlast at Target for the same price. The NutriBlast is only 600 watts where the Ninja Pro is 1000, but the NutriBlast got better reviews across the internet when I researched it last night so I thought I'd give it a "whirl."
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