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Originally Posted by Rage_of_Achilles View Post

I haven't made any significant cuts in my diet but I, at least thought I had cut back on calories. The scale tells me I clearly have not been. As far as calorie reduction what should I shoot for. At this point, I would like to focus more on building muscle than losing weight. (The goal is to get back to my high school strength) and then begin a maintenance lifting schedule with a heavier cardio regime. In the meantime though, I would (obviously) prefer to lose some weight. Are muscle building and weight loss irreconciable? What should I aim for in regards to calorie restriction?
IMO, it's very obtainable. However, the closer you get to your goal weight the more difficult/near impossible it gets. Look at my progress pics, from 210-170's I lost weight and built muscle/strength. It was probably more strength building than muscle building. I think I gained SOME muscle but it APPEARED that I gained more as I started stripping some excess fat away. Once I got below 170 it was more weight loss than anything.
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