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I haven't made any significant cuts in my diet but I, at least thought I had cut back on calories. The scale tells me I clearly have not been. As far as calorie reduction what should I shoot for. At this point, I would like to focus more on building muscle than losing weight. (The goal is to get back to my high school strength) and then begin a maintenance lifting schedule with a heavier cardio regime. In the meantime though, I would (obviously) prefer to lose some weight. Are muscle building and weight loss irreconciable? What should I aim for in regards to calorie restriction?


I try to go nightly as my muscles allow, trading between Back/Biceps, Chest/Triceps, and legs (still don't really know where to work in shoulders). I target each group and then hammer them with different variations of excerises (ie seated row, dumbell row, standing row, high row). It's been an incredibly painful month but I'm already noticing differences in strength and muscle growth. More towards what you said, I do take breaks between sets but I try to increase the weight each time and go to exhaustion each time. By the end of the night I like to be struggling with light weights.


I did try interval training on a treadmill however the treadmill couldn't exactly handle it. Something about the change of speeds and what I presume was my weight was a little too much them. I did try the total body three times a week routine but I found that strength gains were slow and I wasn't losing weight very fast. (That time around I was pretty strict with calorie restriction).
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