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Originally Posted by snafuken View Post
How do you rid yourself of this hideous lifestyle?
What has helped you change from a " Live to eat" person,
to an " Eat to live" person.
What works ?? What doesn't ??
I applaud those that have learned to win against this struggle,
and not continually sercome to the desire to eat for the sake of eating.
Any Shrinks out there ??

Great question.

Here's a few tips that I learned along the way that have helped me...

- Discipline
- Focus on the present moment rather past and future
- Make the decision a "must" instead of a "should"
- Visualise yourself in your perfect body
- Make the reason to eat healthy be bigger than the reason not to
- Don't ban yourself from favorite foods, you will crave them more
- Eat smaller portions but more of them
- Exercising makes you want to eat healthy
- Exercising gives you serotonin/endorphin release instead of relying on food for your endorphin fix, reducing comfort eating.

All the best,

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