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Originally Posted by ninakretina View Post
I'm quite skeptical when it comes to diet pills or any "weight loss" supplement of those sorts, but I wonder if anyone takes any dietary pill and how has it worked for you. Right now I'm taking Alli which was prescribed by my doctor, but I'm considering to stop taking them because they work mostly if you have high fat intakes, which is something I'm avoiding with my diet. Besides some studies have shown that Alli may cause liver damage. I have a friend who lost 60 pounds by taking LipoFuze and never had side effects, seems tempting but as I said I'm skeptical. Any weight loss story regarding pills or supplements?
Drink loads of water, eat 5 small meals instead of the normal 3 big meals, eat less calories than you burn off on a treadmill.

Plus, there's a few new natural supplments you might suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolic rate...a few I have seen on popular TV shows are pure green coffee extract, raspberry ketones, african mango just to name a few.

But do your research and speak to a personal trainer and doctor before taking any of them.

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