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Originally Posted by clbencemunns View Post
How the heck are you guys hitting 35-40% proteins? I literally have to consciously eat extra tuna, eggs, and snack on lunch meat all the time just to get close to 30%!
One day in my life.
4 eggs 25.1
Protein shake 19.8
Oatmeal 8

Tuna and vegetables 54.6

Afternoon snack
Turkey pepperoni 8
Cheese 6
Greek Yogurt 14

Various 20-30g

That puts me at about 150-160g of protein a day. Not hard really. Just takes some preparation.

Originally Posted by clbencemunns View Post
I'm really starting to think that my caloric requirements are less than what they were a couple months and 20# ago.
A rule of thumb is to recalculate calorie requirements every 5LB lose.
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