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DH and I did not do too badly this weekend with food. We only ate out one time, and it was at a sushi restaurant. Hard to overeat there! And I made a really good dinner last night, sea bass baked with capers and lemon, and baked carrots and brussel sprouts. This has been my first decent food weekend in quite a while! Thankfully the Halloween candy is out. We only went to a few houses with DS last week, so the stash fit easily into a cereal bowl and did not last long!

I did a lot of reading about the Paleo diet yesterday. Has anyone tried it… advice? DH and I tend toward the whole foods they recommend anyway, so it would not be too much of a stretch. The biggest problem would be eating a lot more meat, and a lot less grains (i.e. bread, rice). We have a few organic grass-fed ranches in the area, but the meat is expensive, so we have always limited buying the really good stuff. We could buy ¼ grass-fed local cow, but then would need to purchase a deep freeze… not sure I want to commit to that yet!

Lots of H2O:
Stick with mostly whole foods:
Cook 4/5 nights this week:
Gym 2x this week:
Clean out 1 cupboard/day:
Plan Thanksgiving dinner:
Buy a jump-rope (or at least do the motions, thanks April!):

Cassie - Looking forward to hearing the Schizophrenic Food story also . My Thanksgiving house always ends up as the House of Butter and Wine...

Happy Monday everyone! Ama
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