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Default Day 7! No change? STUPID scale!

YEEAAAHHH! I FEEL AWESOME! OMG I haven't felt this good in years! I woke up feeling excited knowing I was going to start my walking today and had an awesome 32 oz. smoothie to get me going (I made coffee but only had one cup and switched to my smoothie which is cool cuz it usually takes me a whole pot in the mornings!). Anyway my walk was wonderful. Out in nature, listening to my fav. dance jams interspersed with some positive affirmations I downloaded, the weather is perfect - my body EASILY fell into my old rhythem - it just remembered what to do even tho' it's been 5 years since I race-walked! My pace was admittidly slower but I felt so good out there! As usual, the first 1.5 mile almost killed me but THEN I got my old kick and easily cruized another 2 miles and could have gone more if the clock wasn't ticking!

Thanks EP for the reminder to switch it up! I have LOTS of variations in my trails and some have killer hills. I also have some kettle-bell work-out videos that I will break out once I get my stamina built up a bit. My muscles remember what to do but my lungs don't! I was wheezing and everything when I stopped but felt sooo good!

Okay, my STUPID scale says I'm up 2 lbs. which is physcially impossible given that I am only drinking GSs. I did splurge last night and had about a cup of mixed berries but other than that I had 3 GSs and a banana all day. Maybe the fruit sugar is messing with my metabolism? Too much insulin coursing through my veins from all that fruit - IDK. Or maybe my scale is just STUPID! I plan on stopping at Target this afternoon and buying a new one at any rate.

Thanks, EP, also for such a wonderfully interesting manifesto! It really helps me to know I'm not alone and you have to admit - there is something so liberating about posting the details of our progress and of your triumph over pizza! And so far there are over 260 views to this thread so I know there are others out there silently cheering us on as well and maybe even thinking about joining us! So EP, you were up 50 and now down by 10+ - not bad! I figured by your rapid weight-loss that you were either a man or a girl in her 20s! If my weight loss doesn't pick up soon I may switch to some MC lemonade for a couple of days (or weeks) - I know I'm losing because my rings are almost falling off of my fingers, my face is significantly slimmer, and my shoes aren't so tight anymore. Been in sweats all weekend so I won't know about my clothes til later but I know I'm losing regardless of what my STUPID scale reads! And I feel so energized and alive again! Wow! I guess I didn't realize what a slump I'd gotten into until now. I didn't realize I was feeling so awful until now that I feel good again (did that even make sense?)!

Anyway, gotta hit the shower and get ready for work. I'm subbing at a school I've never worked at before so it should be interesting - hopefully I can drum up some more work, competition for teaching jobs is FIERCE here in Southern California thanks to all of the teacher lay-offs.
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