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April, you jumped rope. You... are... a... goddess. So glad you are back!!

Cassie, I too await the inventory. Know that we are with you saying holy cow! Whaaaaa?

And girls, I am with you on the hair thing. My question is should I stay with my stylist who gives me the same ol' same ol' even as I request change or chance it with someone who I don't know? Should I just shave off most of my hair and dye it lavender? Not sure that would be a good look for me...

Oh: question for everyone: I broke my food scale (apparently they don't like being accidentally dropped from great heights. Who knew?) Does anyone have a food scale to recommend? I might be able to get a Biggest Loser scale on a spiff DH has. Are those any good?

And finally:

Food plan:
Ezkiel English muffin with raisins and Tofutti cream cheese
chicken drumstick with no skin
3 oz chicken breast
1/2 small sweet potato
grilled shrimp and scallops
2 cheese sticks
one 100 calorie bag of cinnamon almonds

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