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I'm just going to follow up on what the other two posters said.

First off let me say this. There is a saying, "You can't out train a bad diet." This means if you don't get your diet into shape it will be hard to change your body shape.

I'm a marathon runner and I do weight lifting. Long distance running does burn a lot of calories but for me the fastest way to lose weight and I'm talking about even the stubborn last 10-15 lbs is with resistance training. But it has to be a specific type. If you look into P90X and Insanity they base these workouts on certain principles. Interval training, muscle confusion, and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC. If nothing else you should look up EPOC. You can design a workout based on these principals and achieve great results.

Put together a three day full body workout, excluding core exercises. I would recommend some type of split workout. To begin I would suggest about 5 exercises per daily workout with 4 sets per exercise. If you do an active stretching routine before your weight lifting session then you can reduce this to 3 sets. I don't like doing stretching before my workout so my first set is my warm up set and I use either no weight or very low weight. Do 12 reps for your first set. Rest 45-60 secs between each set. The 2nd set should be a higher weight at moderate effort. Do 10 reps for your 2nd set. Again your third set should be a higher weight at maximum effort to get out 8 reps. You should not be able to do a 9th rep. Your 4th set can be at a higher weight or same weight and just do as many as you can till failure. Rest about 2 mins before your next exercise. This workout should take about 45 mins.

After this workout you should do some type of traditional cardio using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). For the interval cardio you will have a warm up period of 2-3 mins and then you will cycle doing high intensity for 30 or more secs with a rest phase of low intensity for about double the time of your high intensity time. You will go through this cycle 6-10 times and then have a cool down period. So if using a treadmill you could walk or jog for about 2-3 mins. Then you would repeatedly sprint for 30 secs followed by walking/jogging for 1 min for 6 to 10 intervals. Then you would walk/jog for another 2-3 mins.

Or instead of this, or in addition to this, you can put together a set of exercises that you rotate through doing as many as you can in a given amount of time with a set break between exercises. For example you can do the following exercises: mountain climbers, side to side push-ups, jump lunges, and burpees. You do as many reps for each exercise for 20/30 secs followed by 10/15 sec rest before going into the next exercise. Cycle through the entire group 2-4 times or until 4 mins are up.

One non-workout day should be devoted to stretching and one non-workout day should be devoted to core exercises.

This is just one way to devise such a workout. But something like this in my experience is very effective.
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