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My weekend was abysmal. Soooo bad. Sara did awesome, but I am struggling with the fact that she's eating what seems to keep her full and fine at about 1400 calories, when what I read says she should be getting at least 1600. I don't want to force her to eat even when she's not hungry. That's how bad habits start. So I'm very confused. I wish my dh weren't unemployed right now; as soon as he gets back on a job site I'll take Sara to the pediatrician to get some good advice and recommendations. For now, I won't force anything and we'll just keep track of her nutrition, watch portions, and cut out a lot of junk food. Major change this week for her is that I will be packing mini water bottles in her lunches instead of sugary juices.

For me, the weekends seem to be the worst. I need to get on track all 7 days this week. It seems my mind says, "Oh well, you've already gone over your calories today so you might as well give up." And then I go insane on the calories instead of stopping the bleeding.

Goals for the week:

1. Aim for 1600 calories/day.
2. Take meds 2x day.
3. Do some sort of exercise 3x this week with Sara for at least 20 minutes each time.
4. Log everything everyday.

Re-Starting weight 7/26/13: 277
Mini goal: 270 by 8/23/13
Goal weight: 130ish by 12/25/2014
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