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Ladies I am right here with you!

I am 25 and at my heaviest (two weeks ago lol) i weighed in at 180lbs! i am only about 5'4" and trust me you can really see that weight on my body, i have been neglecting myself for the past 7 years (since i graduated high school) and it finally hit me, just how bad I've let myself get.

I love this site, I really like being able to track everything i eat which makes me get a reality check and see how much junk i was eating, just knowing that i have to come back here and write what I ate, has made me make better choices.

For me is always a slow weight loss, i admire those women that can lose 5+ lbs a week but with me is always slower, I've done it before at one point (when I was 17) i weighed 155lbs and went down to 135lbs but it took me all summer to lose that weight, I know it will be a slow process I wanna lose about 50+ lbs but I have given myself until the end of the year to accomplish this goal

Starting weight: 180lbs
Current weight: 177lbs
Goal weight: 125lbs
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