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YEAH CPP!!! The walking will be awesome...but remember you will probably need to increase your intake of don't want your body to think it's starving and slow that metabolism down which is what it sounds like you want it to think it's full and burn like crazy...see if you can blend in more stuff to raise the cal count thats what I do...then when you exercise you will be shocked at the changes...but you have to mix it up... the body is very proficient and adapts very well if you walk the same pace and mileage every day it will get very comfortable at doing that pace and mix it up, maybe find a building and climb stairs one day.. walk one day.. swim one day etc... here's a little background on me..when I turned 40 my wife made me go get a physical..I'm friends with my doc...he basically didn't sugar coat anything and told me well you're morbidly obese and you'll probably die by 50...well dumb founded I called my best friend and he basically said "get off your ass and do something!" So I made the decision then and there to change, reboot. I was 287lbs and not healthy. Well i jumped on the Master C for 30 days..then walking, then running, then biking, then swimming when I decided I wanted to do an Ironman...before my 41 birthday...well long short I lost 120lbs and did the Ironman and the following years 4 more and various marathons and other races..Now at 46 having had an injury mountain biking followed by pneumonia Thanksgiving, Christmas...and trying to justify that i've been injured thats why I've gained weight. I've gained 50lbs of unwanted weight. So now is the time to REBOOT for me.. So I have been there do that and made excuses to myself but I really have to be hard on myself or I will stray from the path. While cooking dinner for the family I wanted a slice of pizza in a terrible way but I stayed strong...WIN for me! I feel good day 6....sorry for the manifesto..
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