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Default Day 7, down half a pound

Today's weigh in: 175.5, BUT I no longer trust my scale! It is digital and when I first got on it, it said I had gained 2 lbs., so I stepped off and then back on and it said I am down half a pound, off and back on again and I am down a full pound. So I guess I'm buying a new scale! I'm going to take the half pound loss but now I really don't know ...

Been sharing my GSs with my hubby and boys (12 & 15) - they are each having some here and there and while they don't "like" it they always want a taste and end up having 6-8 ozs. while exclaiming how "not bad" it is!

Thanks, EP, for your advise and for posting on this thread. Your posts really make it interesting! I don't put kale in my GSs. I start with spinach and romaine hearts-of-lettuce. Then, like you I add fruit (mangoes, berries, banana, apple), I also usually throw in a cucumber and some celery.

I am drinking only 2 or 3 smoothies per day, some are 32 ozs., some are 60 ozs. and some are 10 ozs. just depends on how they come out! Maybe I'm just not having enough, but I'm just not hungry enough to have more. Realistically, I'm probably having 500 - 600 cals. per day. Bet that's why I'm sleepy!

Speaking of which, it's 7:30 in the evening and I'm already starting to get sleepy - I am needing so much sleep - maybe I am releasing toxins or something, in addition to not having enough calories. I feel good otherwise. Find myself feeling more light-hearted and care-free - healthier - I'm laughing more often and more easily and just feel good. Not that I'm normally crabby, but I just feel ... good! Maybe it's all the sleep I'm getting!!!

I plan to start race-walking again tomorrow (I used to race-walk 5-6 miles a day when I was a young, hot mama!). I don't have to go in til 11:00 tomorrow so it will be a perfect day to start: Take the kids to school, hit the park-trails for a bit, then shower and head to work. I'm on my feet all day when I'm working (I'm a substitute school-teacher about 3 days a week) - literally don't sit down for a minute all day! But when I'm home I'm on my butt all day - usually in front of the computer. So tomorrow that's gonna change - 3 fast miles every other day working up to 5 or 6 miles. Can't wait!
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