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Originally Posted by clbencemunns View Post
How the heck are you guys hitting 35-40% proteins? I literally have to consciously eat extra tuna, eggs, and snack on lunch meat all the time just to get close to 30%!
I don't. I am usually more in the 25% - 30% range.

Originally Posted by clbencemunns View Post
I finally budged the scale this week by 2 pounds, but went out to lunch with a friend on Friday, ate a bacon burger and fries, and the scale added a whole pound! What is that??
That is most likely salt/water weight. Restaurant foods have huge amounts of sodium. Give it time.

Originally Posted by clbencemunns View Post
I'm really starting to think that my caloric requirements are less than what they were a couple months and 20# ago.
Yes, your caloric requirements do go down after you've lost 20 lbs.; there is not as much mass to move, so it takes less energy, and calories are energy. If you are updating your weight in FitDay, it should reflect a lower calories burned number now than it did 20 lbs. ago. One way to counterbalance this a bit is to include weight training...muscle burns more calories pound for pound than non-muscle tissue.

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