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1) Do not gain "hurricane weight" by overeating while hunkered down - same, lost, lost, gained two pounds Whut?; same, same
2) stretch every day- y, y, y, y 3/4 (interrupted by coffee) y, y
3) remember to take my pills (blood pressure, fibro, vits)- y, 1/2 y, yes, yes, yes
4) under 1600 calories - ?, ?, 1967, 1587 NO, NO
5) what is up with me and water? I not only have to pour it but I actually have to drink some (and I even gave it to Mike as a goal) n, n, n, YES 8 glasses woo hoo ? ?
6) gym 2x this week -n, n, n, n, n, n
7) meditate- n, y, n, y, y, n
8) write - ish, yes, yes, yes no, no
9) plan meals n, n, n, yes yes but went off, no
10) remain positive - y, y, 1/2 and 1/2 yes yes both days (I think) but it was really hard

We had friends stay over for two days because they lost power. And I lost will power. So as I say, Finnegan begin again. (corny, I know.) New day. New start. Ignore leftover dessert.

Mern, where are you? I miss you.
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