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How the heck are you guys hitting 35-40% proteins? I literally have to consciously eat extra tuna, eggs, and snack on lunch meat all the time just to get close to 30%!

I did discover prepackaged hard boiled eggs at Walmart, yay! It helps to have a quick and easy, ready to go snack when the family is grabbing boxed snacks and Halloween candy. I do have a pretty low cal, coffee flavored protein supplement, may have to start doing that again.

And I do get plenty of fats from eggs, meats, cheese, 1% milk, reduced fat margarine and mayo, regular olive oil, etc. It was one of those things that really stuck out at me when I first started logging my foods-how many calories I "spent" on that stuff. Switching to some reduced fat products just helped me bring my caloric and fat% intake back down to more normal. I did also cut my sugar intake drastically-before I began this journey I was drinking 2-3 mountain dews and 3-4 cups of coffee with full sugar creamer every day! Now I drink 1 cup of coffee with sugar free creamer, tea sometimes with a tiny bit of honey, and maybe one or two reduced calorie sodas per WEEK.

I finally budged the scale this week by 2 pounds, but went out to lunch with a friend on Friday, ate a bacon burger and fries, and the scale added a whole pound! What is that?? I saved up for that cheeseburger and was still at a small calorie deficit for the day! If prior history holds, that 1# should just disappear in the next day or two. I'm really starting to think that my caloric requirements are less than what they were a couple months and 20# ago. I'm working on the exercise and hope that helps. If I have to cut my calories, I may be in trouble: I think I've been so successful because I don't feel deprived at all, more that I just have to pay attention.

So frustrating when you were having such GREAT luck, and it just kind of stops working!
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