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Default green Smoothie Fast, Me Too...

Hey Californiaprettypat, First you're doing awesome! You have to do what works for's different for everyone..there is no right or wrong we experiment then do what's best for us. For me it's about rebooting....weight loss is a by product..a good one, but a by's about getting healthy. My deal is being I don't count how many smoothies i drink ... i drink a lot and try not to get hungry. I also mistake being hungry for being dehydrated sometimes, so I have to make sure i drink water as well. Then I have built in exercise..I own a thats like 3 miles a day of walking to keep her from eating the couch. I also cut off the TV..too many commercials about eating...a shock to the kids for the first couple of days but now they could care less..My smoothies start with 1 to 2 cups cold water in the blender..then I stuff it full i mean full of spinach..then blend..then stuff it full of kale..blend...thats my base..then if its morning i add lots of fruits..apples, blueberries, mango, be stingy shove them in... then from lunch on I stick to veggies..tomato, cucumber, celery, carrots, and sweeten with a banana or raw honey... now i just started adding chia seeds and flax seeds for a little more protein.. but thats it. I don't deviate from solids for me. Maybe your not drinking enough...One smoothies has probably 180 cals so if you're only drinking 4 thats only 720 to 820 cals a day...not good...drink more. Good Luck! and i'll keep up on here..
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