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I wanted to drop in with a quick thanks to those who gave me some great ideas on helping my daughter, Sara, learn about healthy eating. Donna, having some higher cacao chocolate around is a good idea. I will look at the store, see what I can find, and separate it into small single portions. Cassie, we spent a fair amount of time today discussing things like why carbs are good, but in moderation and things like that...very good idea to have discussion on why we do what we do. And Jenn, I took your advice and looked up the guidelines for servings of the different food groups for her age. To help make things easier, to learn how to count and keep track of actual serving sizes, and to get an easy visual, I created a daily checklist for her. I've attached a pic of what I made. The green boxes are the minimum recommended servings and the black boxes are the "up to" servings. So, vegetables are a minimum of 3 and up to 5 servings a day. You can see here that she did excellent today with a well-rounded diet. She was short 1 serving of vegetables, and went a smidge over on fruits, but really she did awesome. And she really liked "seeing" how well she did. She was under on calories, so we looked at where she needed more servings and decided a fruit/milk/yogurt smoothie would be perfect along with 1/2 single serving bag of popcorn for another grain and more fiber (she was low in fiber), and it was great to help us get her to a balanced day. All your suggestions were very helpful and taken to heart. I think Sara will really learn a lot...the healthy way!
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