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Hey Ellaspop! thanks for sharing! I can't believe you're down more than 10 lbs. already - we started almost the same day and I'm only down 4! I need to do what you're doing! Tell me everything! How many GSs are you having per day and what's in them?

I haven't added exercise in yet mainly cuz I'm just so sleepy all the time. I have also been snacking on fruit (an apple or pear here and there) and last night a few almonds. Tonight I was so sleepy by 6:30 that I was ready to go to bed for the night! I had half a sweet potato with nothing on it and am still up at 10:13 pm. so I guess I needed carbs.

How are you feeling? I expected to feel energized but instead I am soooo sleepy. Please either post your updates here with me or start your own thread so I can keep up with your progress. I am planning to go at least 20 days, probably a lot longer because I really want to get this excess weight off once and for all!
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