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Default Green Smoothie Fast, Me Too...

Hey Californiaprettypat... I started my Green smoothie Fast on the night before Halloween... I have done the Master C as well about three times to reboot the system and just couldn't get myself hyped up for the lemonade.. I chose the GSF because it has the ability to change the taste from day to day... I have have been doing nothing but GS and not deviating at all except for one shrimp the night I started... My goal is a RAW lifestyle when I'm done with the fast.. My weight fluctuates with the seasons and after this last bout with pneumonia has ballooned into something I'm not happy with. I will be starting day 5 tomorrow and feel great as long as I don't fall behind with the smoothies. I'm also adding walking and mountain biking as well. Just got on the scale and i'm down 10.5 lbs... How long are you going on yours? Stay strong and good luck.
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